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The nature of social purpose, innovation and responsibility is fluid. So defining and then delivering it is harder still! Here are some things to get you started...of course, there is every possibility none of these is what you want! We expect that! And we relish that challenge! But you have to take that first step and get in touch, we'll do the rest!


Early stage organizational strategy, creating business plans and product/service lines, examining how existing products and services can be tailored to incorporate social good, conducting a thorough audit of the organization to bring to fore the social good it is already doing are just some of the things on the strategy side.

When it comes to innovation on the social/environment side, this also includes a whole-systems approach, for the players and stakeholders are many! 

Through discussions and a research-based approach, we tailor the best possible approach for your organization, to take your idea from just an idea to a sustainable venture.


Everybody who's anybody (and their neighbor) is doing this. But which one is right for you? You can definitely do more than allowing employees time off to volunteer.....but what kinds of CSR projects can engage your resources most effectively? How can you incorporate a socially responsible project into your own organizational goals?


We identify and design from scratch projects that will engage and sustain your organizational goals and interest in the long run.


The fastest and obvious way to stake your spot in the marketplace (and cyberspace!!). A good website can make significant inroads into boosting your business. From creating content for web pages and placing it in a way that enables smooth navigation, to writing SEOs, we make sure you get the message out loud and clear to your intended audience. We also create websites should the client so desire.


Some of the most successful organizations around the world use this as a way to jump start the thinking process. From corporations to nonprofits to government agencies Design Thinking is now seen as a tool to get quick answers. There are several methods and tools to choose from and several ways to execute to us about which ones can be used for what...


Research is not always a long drawn affair involving years and years! The key is in asking the right questions! This dictates the method, the mode and the results! It could be as quick as a few days!!


Everyone's favorite dilemma! Are we doing what we set out to do? How is the target audience faring because of this? How has it impacted the community? From a Social Return on Investment analysis to Scorecards to a social audit of your goals v performance, QV Consulting  uses standard and customized methods to measure impact.


Engaging employees, the community and your target audience into advocates for your social purpose, impact and goal. However, before that comes working with you to first define what your social purpose is, how you can weave social innovation and impact into your current model of operation.

Whatever your need, whatever level of engagement you need and wherever you are in the social purpose continuum, be it workshops or immersive discussions, or simply creating a knowledge base for them, QV Consulting is a good place to start!


Providing resources to your customers and clients is a priority for you. Creating tools for internal use is equally important. QV Consulting creates customized toolkits and tutorials (in different languages) to use within your organization, and externally, to share with your client/customer base.

This could pertain to a specific project or product, this could be workshop material or creating a resource base for intra-organization use and / or for customer use.

How can we??

And here are some questions I get asked routinely:


Everything I read about innovation is about large companies and people with at least 50+. How can a small sized company be innovative?

How can I employ design thinking to my business?

How can we broaden our stakeholder base? 

How can I use the goodwill I have to maximize impact?

How can I turn my skills into a gainful enterprise?

How can we effect positive change and not run out of resources?

And for some others, what is a social enterprise and is it relevant to my idea?  How is social innovation different from regular innovation?

At Quiet Value Consulting, answering these is another day at work!! I am a service design specialist, and I work on all these issues, sometimes, all in one project!!



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