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INNOVATION CAPACITY BUILDING- sometimes all it takes is a nudge!

What we do..

We solve problems with you!


From real-time workshops to do-it-at-your-own-time (takeaway kits as we like to call it!) plans, to worksheets, design thinking sessions and of course, one on one deep dive consulting, we offer several products that help you generate long term solutions for your organization . 

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What else is going on...

We designed and curate two online platforms, one, a resource platform for Women and another in the field of Social Innovation.

Quiet Value Woman is a resource hub for women on a variety of topics from career to childcare. Readers contribute to the platform, making it more diverse and richer.

Quiet Value is all about the how of social innovation. Filled with best practices, case studies and interviews from social innovators from around the world, as well as a comprehensive Resources section, this is a must see for anyone interested in the field of innovation- social or otherwise. 

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Cullen Ryan,

Executive Director, Community Housing of Maine, USA

"Aparna is a genius! She has the incredible capability of quickly digesting the big picture work of even the most complex organizations and turning that into strategic, proactive, actionable steps. She understands things quickly and is extremely innovative in helping organizations chart a course toward success. She is responsive, consummately professional and courteous, and has a wonderful sense of humor. You would be wise and fortunate to work with her and allow her to unleash her talents onto your organization."



Josephine Nzerem

Director, Ashoka West Africa & Founder, Human Angle

"Working with Quiet Value was an eye opener for me and my organization Human Angle . Aparna's dedication to details and research captured succinctly our work and the value we bring to women.  Documentation is a key component.  Working with Quiet Value I understood how to capture my target audience properly. It provides clarity and shows linkages between the mission and vision of the organization as it relates to the target audience and expected outcome of the organization. Quiet value ensures that organizations big on social impact can equally be sustainable."

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