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Aparna Saligrama PhD|

Founder, Quiet Value|

About Quiet Value Consulting

Quiet Value Consulting is all about finding ways to turn your idea into a viable solution, that adds value to your customer / client / user.

Be it new idea generation or internal reorganization, an innovative approach can be a game changer in adding value in tangible and intangible ways.


From bringing in more customers or adding an entirely new customer base, from making hiring changes to reflect who you are as a company to better understanding your team- innovative approaches can better every facet of your organization.


We use a range of funky and traditional tools and techniques to help you get to your goal. In fact, goal setting and problem definition is in itself one of the things we do!


As founder, my own outlook to innovation is blended- a combination of research, business and design. I find these three areas (in which I am educated too) to come together very well when used in the right measure.


It does not matter whether you are a large corporation or a nonprofit foundation, as long as you are interested in solving problems, creating further value to your members, we can work with you. All we ask for is for you to want this, and come to this with an open mind! We'll do the rest.

Get in touch to know more, we're always up for a chat. There is no fee for initial consultation so go ahead, contact us.

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