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Aparna Saligrama PhD|

Founder, Quiet Value Consulting|

About Quiet Value Consulting

It has taken me a long time to get comfortable in admitting this -I am both creative and research driven. We are conditioned to believe they are mutually exclusive, but with everything that I have seen and done over the years trust me they're not!

And thus began Quiet Value Consulting.

Irrespective of what your field is, it is totally possible to innovate, if you're creative and research driven! And this is where we come in. No one knows your organization, your clients your worries and stress points better than you. Our work is to help you identify and distill problem points into actionable deliverables. Nudge you to arrive at solutions yourself.

Having worked with a range of people, from the creative designer types to the very formal task driven types to service driven nonprofits, to social entrepreneurs who frankly, are a combination of the other three, I can tell you what I offer is real and practical.

I cannot build innovation capacity within any organization without the people within! I do due diligence - get to know my client , their organizational culture, the type of work they do and their end users. So my workshops are designed to put everyone at ease, because this I have seen use the best result.

Go ahead and get in touch, the first conversation is always fun- for both of us!

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