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Aparna Saligrama PhD|

Founder, Quiet Value|

About me

I have a diverse education and work background spanning design (Architecture), management (a Masters) and research (a PhD).  This gives me unique insight into both structured and unstructured forms of planning and processes. Everything is human-centric for me, I put people first in everything I do, maximizing impact but not compromising on human comfort and benefit.

I work with organizations of all sizes and business types and am very excited when small and medium scale enterprises (for and nonprofit) get in touch. Innovating is not the prerogative of larger organizations and access to a large share of resources is no guarantee of an innovative solution! It is a mindset, a commitment and dedication to get creative, to tap into your own mind and create an attitude of positivity toward new thinking and new solutions and a keen interest in systems change that leads to an innovative person and organization.

There are elements of innovative thinking in everyone, I work with you to bring that out, and help scale that at an organizational level. 

I am a firm believer in the power of design, that good design is good business - and this is using design both as a noun and verb! Whether it is a physical object or a service, or an internal issue, a well-designed element has a higher rate of success than one done in haste, or poorly planned. 

Working with me, you'll be introduced to aspects of design, drawing, sketching, using color and getting your hands dirty with model building and crafts- all of which is aimed at arriving at a solution for your problem. At first, you may think there is no method here, no "process" and that is just fine!! The first step into creative thinking is shedding of inhibitions and thinking freely! I use tools and methods based on what your need is, what your problem/project is and how many and who are involved. So, an art project, or a improv story session will be targeting those hidden biases and agendas we all carry with us, so we can work freely on the project. 

I am particularly (but not exclusively!) biased toward social innovation and enterprise. I am conversant in just about every area of social innovation, enterprise and impact, from creating toolkits to custom designing impact measurement techniques. I created and curate the social innovation knowledge platform Quiet Value, and speaking to several social innovators and thinkers from around the world, as well as people on the ground who are running these ventures is a humbling experience for me, even as they candidly discuss their own innovation process for helping others in the field. Social innovation consulting is a personal favorite of mine and am always open to projects and entrepreneurs intent on bringing about social benefit, working toward systems change.


Get in touch to know more, I am always up for a chat. There is no fee for initial consultation so go ahead, give me a call!!



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Working with clients from around the world, geography is no bar!!